We have committed ourselves to providing an unparalleled level of personalized service. Our programs meet and fulfill our clients and their relocating families expectations


Employee Briefing

  • Review
    Review assignment benefits and a planning session with the employee on all aspects of their assignment

Destination Services

  • Family needs assessment
    Collect information from assignee/spouse to ensure that we are addressing all the family’s needs.
  • Home search
    Select properties that best fit the family’s needs and expectations, established budget and security guidelines to maximize the time during the family’s property visits.
  • Schools
    Identify schools based on family’s needs, make all necessary appointments and review required documentation with family.


Destination Services

  • Home search
    Accompany family to view pre-selected homes, help with identifying and selecting a home, assist with lease negotiations and signatures, make arrangements for deposits, initial rent payments, etc.
  • Neighborhood familiarization
    Once a neighborhood has been identified, accompany family on a community orientation, including emergency facilities, shopping, parks, churches, etc.
  • Temporary Housing
    Coordinate temporary housing as needed and allowed by corporation
  • Utility hook-ups
    Arrange for telephone, cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, etc.

School Search Assistance

  • Conduct a needs assessment to collect information from assignee/spouse in order to identify the best schooling options for the child(ren).
  • Share school information with assignee/spouse prior to their arrival in order to identify the options they would like to visit.
  • Coordinate and accompany family/children to the school visits.
  • Assist during registration process; make arrangements for testing, physicals etc.

Opening Bank Accounts/Bill Payment

  • Accompany assignee/spouse to their choice of financial institutions to assist with opening of bank account (s).
  • Explain the bill payment process and options, online banking, payment by check, etc. as customary in each location.

Obtaining driver’s license

  • Provide driving manual or studying materials as applicable, make the necessary appointments, review process and accompany assignee/spouse to the motor vehicle office.

Spouse activities

  • Research volunteer opportunities, international/expatriate organizations, university classes, etc. as requested by spouse.

Leisure activities including club memberships

  • Research and provide information regarding country clubs membership, theater, community organizations, etc. as requested.


Employee Briefing

  • Counseling and planning support for the employee’s repatriation

Departure Services

  • Lease termination, utilities close down, deposit retrieval, housing inspection, rental furniture oversight

Service Quality Management

  • Survey sent to the employee to rate their level of satisfaction with the relocation support and delivery of individual services