If you anticipate a pile of gifts to wrap this season, here are some low-frustration tips to help it go more smoothly. Before you even buy the paper, look for grid-lined wrapping paper. Those pale, gray lines on the back will help you cut straight so your paper lasts longer and you have fewer odd pieces that you can’t use.

The Basics

Assemble these items and put them in arm’s reach.

  1. A good, sharp pair of scissors.
  2. Use grid-line paper as a guide for a nice straight cut.
  3. I like the wearable wrist tape holder that fits like a bracelet and has pre-cut tape pieces.
  4. Ribbons, labels, Washi tape and other trimmings as you choose. Or use Wrapz – The Gift Wrap Gift which provides paper, bows and gift bags.

The Tips

  1. Use purposeful things such as a tea towel to wrap gifts like wine bottles or odd shaped items. Tie the wrapping material in place with a bright ribbon.
  2. Twist small, odd-shaped packages in tissue paper for a shape like wrapped hard candy.
  3. Trim gifts with a length of ribbon and attach a tree ornament.
  4. To gift candy try this. First, gift wrap the candy bars. Then lay two candy canes down with the hooks curving up. Glue the biggest candy bar to them so the canes look like the front blades of a sleigh. Stack and glue smaller candy bars on top with the smallest one on top. Wrap with a ribbon and top with a bow and you have a miniature sleigh!
  5. Use extra cut wrapping paper to add texture and style.
  6. If you mis-calculate the amount of paper needed, wrap a band of wrapping paper around the whole gift to hide the gap. This band also adds texture.

Happy wrapping!