SAVING Grace is rolling out a new service that companies can offer their employees during the busy holiday season. Learn more about SAVING Grace’s mobile gift wrapping time-saving perk here. A portion of the proceeds for this service will help support The Cradle, an adoption agency in Evanston, IL, which made a significant impact in our founder’s life. Here’s her story:

Our family is one of thousands changed, formed, and completed with the help of The Cradle. Our own challenges to conceive, coupled with a cancer scare that resulted in infertility, meant that we needed help with our family planning. We chose The Cradle because it advocates for what is right for each individual in the adoption circle and recognizes that each family is unique. The parenting education that we received and the understanding and respect for the birth parents, even when they have a change of heart, were all part of our preparation to become adoptive parents.

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 we met our son for the first time at The Cradle nursery. The son who we dreamt of running up and down the stairs, playing drums loudly, and drowning our hearts in love had arrived. He was real. Waiting just a matter of minutes for the nurse to swaddle him up to meet us felt like an eternity. Sitting was not an option. We paced back and forth in the family room. We peered through the door down into the hallway. We were both scared and giddy with anticipation. And then, right out of the dream, he was there, our sweet baby boy Hudson. He was just 21-days old. He was perfect. The warmth of his tiny body radiated love.

That day was the first time we hugged as a family. Every day since then we count our blessings. Among them is The Cradle, which taught us why patience is a virtue; birth parents, who taught us what selfless truly means; and Hudson, who continues to show us just how immeasurable love is.

When I first launched SAVING Grace, I did it because my experience as a parent and a caregiver I was forced to look at my life and how I use my time. I learned how to manage my time better without sacrificing being present. By valuing the time I have with my family, I’ve been able to help other busy families do the same. This summer when I considered how I could take these skills and make life just a wee bit easier for busy working families, the beauty of giving and receiving came to mind. I looked outside the home and into workplace, where we could have an even greater impact.

And so, as we approach the season of giving, I want to be sure that we recognize The Cradle. It seems only appropriate that as I wrap gifts this holiday season, I get to honor what it means to be blessed with a life. By donating a portion of the proceeds from our holiday gift wrapping service, we will help other families have a chance to make their dreams come true. I am incredibly grateful to be able to support other families as they prepare to receive their own bundle of joy.

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