If you’ve ever hosted a party, you know the steps: choose the date and venue, decide on the menu, get rentals and decorations in place, and let everyone know when to be there. So why spend money on an event planner? Before you start the endless to-do list, consider these benefits to not doing it all yourself.

  1. A network of experts

Your typical event planner has already done the trial-and-error of finding the best caterers, party rental companies, bakeries, etc. You can spend days trying to track all that down, but an event planner will simply turn to their established network.

  1. Cost saving

Chances are an event planner’s network of experts also give the best service for the lowest price. Thus your event planner saves you money plus the time you would have spent calling and getting proposals from various businesses.

  1. Less stress

Can you put a price on peace of mind? Imagine how much worrying you can do when you’re in charge of the big event. You might still do some fretting, but your planner takes on the bulk of the details that would otherwise cost you sleep.

  1. Being in more than one place

On the day of, instead of running around during your party, your event planner makes sure the ice stays stocked, guests know where to put coats, food stays hot and everything goes smoothly.

  1. More fun

Have you ever been too busy during your own party to enjoy any of it? An event planner takes the bulk of the work off your hands so you can actually have fun!

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the benefits of an event planner. In time, money and wear on your mind, they can be life savers that are worth far more than their rate.