Holiday Stress Reducers: A Great Gift for Employees

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but let’s face it – there is plenty of stress to go around. Stress is no fun, but it also detracts from employee performance. Start planning now to build in some holiday stress reducers to your end-of-year routine. What causes holiday stress? Some of it is [...]

Supporting Adoptive Families Through The Cradle

SAVING Grace is rolling out a new service that companies can offer their employees during the busy holiday season. Learn more about SAVING Grace’s mobile gift wrapping time-saving perk here. A portion of the proceeds for this service will help support The Cradle, an adoption agency in Evanston, IL, which made a significant impact in [...]

Employee Retention Ideas for HR Managers – Personal Perks Resonate

You’ve invested time and money in finding, hiring, and training staff. With the labor market tightening in the greater Chicago area, now you need to make sure you keep them. New employee retention ideas that resonate with today’s workforce focus less on tangible “stuff” and more on the personal touch. The good news is [...]